Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Benefits

Cold Form Steel (CFS) Benefits for Architects

  • As a result of its high strength to weight ratio, Light Gauge Steel can span longer than modern materials allowing for spacious designs to be incorporated.
  • Most of the Cold Form Steel used in structures can be re-used, making it an environmentally friendly option of design.
  • The use of prefabricated designs helps avoiding the use of unneeded bulkheads.
  • Less design mistakes on-site as the product is fabricated to precise accuracy in the factory.
  • More mobility in design is possible, whatever designs can be produced on the steel fabrication software’s can be easily produced.
  • Design capabilities and flexibility in trusses, floors, and walls is increased significantly because of the increase in strength to weight ratio.

Light Gauge Steel Benefits for Developers

  • Most of the Cold Form Steel used in structures can be re-used, making it an environmentally friendly option of design.
  • Due to its material nature, Light Gauge Steel is resistant to rotting, termites, and moisture risks.
  • Increased fire rating.
  • Installation timing is decreased significantly in comparison to modern framing techniques.
  • Vibration control is significantly improved.
  • Lower cost options for property builds due to design flexibility and material cuts.

Cold Form Steel Benefits for Contractors

  • Time reduction for steel design, fabrication and framing is significant.
  • Joists and trusses can be adjusted easily through software for any on-site requirements.
  • Light Gauge Steel can be easily incorporated with other materials, making build complexity simpler. 
  • It is common for lower insurance rates to be negotiated due to the nature of the material being less likely compromised.
  • Significant reduction of monetary value used toward the job.
  • Material weight reduction can be made easily based on each individual design.
  • As a result of pre-fabrication, there are less issues that can be encountered on-site.
  • The number of labourers required for framing is reduced significantly.
  • The work environment is cleaner and safer.

Light Gauge Steel Benefits Society overall

  • Environmentally friendly, most of the steel is recyclable.
  • 20 percent of LGS is recycled steel.
  • Market competitiveness, when timber resources are scarce, Light Gauge Steel creates another option for builders to turn to without fluctuating timber prices significantly.

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